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I've received my key. How do I install & activate Malwarebytes?
Please consult the below tutorials by Malwarebytes on how to activate your product(s).

Installation Tutorials:
Video: Install Malwarebytes for Windows v4
Video: Install Malwarebytes for Mac
Video: Install and Activate Malwarebytes for Chromebook

Activation Tutorials:
Video: Activate Malwarebytes for Windows v4
Video: Activate Malwarebytes for Mac v4

Video: Activate Malwarebytes for Android

How do I know these are valid, legal Malwarebytes keys?

Very important question!
The majority of discounted Malwarebytes keys found online are not legitimate.
buyakey.cheap is part of DCB TECHNOLOGY, LLC, an official Malwarebytes Techbench Partner authorized to sell discounted, valid, 1 year license keys.

If you feel the need to verify the validity of your key, you can e-mail support@malwarebytes.com.

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Can I add this license key to MyAccount at Malwarebytes.com?

Good question. Currently, no. Malwarebytes is working to change this, however.

What devices are these keys valid for?

They are valid for activation on Windows, OSX, Android, & Chromebooks. Due to the nature of subscriptions in the Apple ecosystem, it is not possible to activate these keys on an iOS device.

I'm having trouble activating my key.

Let us know! Be sure you've copied & pasted the key exactly into the activation window in Malwarebytes.
If you need further support email us here.

Why do you require an account to checkout?

This is in an effort to prevent fraudulent purchases.